In this episode of The Swine Nutrition Blackbelt Podcast, our guest, Dr. Mark Knauer, Swine Extension Specialist at North Carolina State University, delves into the pivotal role of Vitamin C and E supplementation in sows' diets. Dr. Knauer shares findings from a recent study highlighting the impact on sow mortality and performance, revealing potential strategies to enhance swine health through nutrition. This discussion is essential for anyone involved in swine nutrition, offering innovative approaches to improving sow longevity and productivity. Tune in to uncover how these nutritional adjustments could revolutionize sow management in the industry.

"We observed a tendency for fewer sudden deaths and prolapses in sows supplemented with vitamins C and E during late gestation." - Dr. Mark Knauer

Meet the guest: Dr. Mark Knauer, a distinguished swine nutrition specialist, boasts extensive expertise in swine research. At North Carolina State University, he applies his knowledge toward advancing swine nutrition through innovative supplementation strategies, enhancing sow health and productivity.

  • (00:00) Highlight
  • (01:14) Introduction
  • (02:18) Sow mortality issue
  • (03:18) Study setup
  • (04:29) Results overview
  • (05:34) Vitamin rationale
  • (07:06) Future directions
  • (08:04) Condition & stillborn
  • (09:02) Closing thoughts
  • (09:14) Episode end

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