Prepare to unlock the enigmatic world of Web3 marketing as we sit down with the virtuoso of NFT advertising, Arvin Khamseh. His journey from traditional marketing to the vanguard of the crypto space serves as a beacon for those navigating this new digital frontier. Through our discussion, we reveal the nimble tactics needed in a domain where marketing strategies have a blink-and-you'll-miss-it lifespan. Arvin's tenacity shines as he recounts how he weathered the crypto winter, maintaining his foothold and keeping his sights on the future tides of the market.The road to launching a successful NFT project is fraught with challenges and demands a captain who can steer the ship with data rather than gut instincts. In this episode, we unearth the treasure trove of strategies essential for founders to reach the prized shores of a complete sell-out. From the perils of ego-driven decisions to the siren call of misleading success metrics, we illuminate the path our incubator has taken to achieve an impressive 81% success rate. This segment is a masterclass for founders, detailing the crucial judgment calls that can make or break a venture in the tempestuous crypto seas.As we chart the course of NFT marketing strategies, we touch upon the significant shift in audience engagement, moving away from saturated markets to fresh territories ripe with enthusiasm for digital collectibles. We dissect the innovative approach to crowd marketing, which has surged as a potent force amid changing social media landscapes. Our episode is your compass to the evolving strategies that keep one's brand afloat and sailing ahead in the dynamic waters of Web3 marketing. Join us as we share our map filled with the insights and resources that have guided many to success in the ever-shifting world of NFTs.This episode was recorded through a Podcastle call on January 10, 2024. Read the blog article and show notes here:

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