Embark on a transformative exploration of the web's next evolution with us, Joeri Billast, and the visionary entrepreneur Corey Wright. Discover the strategic insights and personal anecdotes that Corey brings to the table, as we dissect the seismic shift from Web2 to Web3 business models. Our conversation uncovers the fundamental principles of creating a substantial product before stoking the fires of hype—a stark deviation from the Web3 norm. Corey imparts wisdom on building with substance, establishing sustainable revenue streams, and the art of resilience in the face of Web3's unpredictable whirlwind, all while recounting his path from leadership coaching to pioneering Hexicon Studios.As we navigate the uncharted territories of Web3 gaming, we discuss the crafting of a game ecosystem that's not only enduring but also prioritizes player satisfaction. Our discussion ventures into the art of attracting both Web2 loyalists and Web3 converts, ensuring everyone enjoys a frictionless and gratifying gaming experience. We share strategies for adapting traditional marketing to this novel landscape, touching upon the organic growth fueled by community engagement and the triumphs of launching a Web3 game into the mainstream.Rounding off our discussion, we shine a spotlight on the delicate craft of fostering a gaming community built on respect and positivity. I share insights into the importance of transparent communication and the strategic decisions that shape Honeyland's in-game economy, where player enjoyment and asset value go hand in hand. Community success stories highlight the profound impact a well-designed game can have beyond the screen—contributing to both the joy and financial health of its players. Join us for tales of innovation and the pioneering spirit of Web3 gaming.This episode was recorded through a Podcastle call on January 11, 2024. Read the blog article and show notes here: https://webdrie.net/blending-web2-strategies-with-web3-gaming-a-winning-formula-with-corey-wright/

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