Tarot vs. Oracle Cards - Which one offers you the most support?

On the Energetic Tarot Podcast this week I wanted to chat about the differences between Tarot and Oracle cards, why you might use one over the other and also how you can use both Tarot and Oracle cards together.

Discover how you could deepen your Tarot practice by adding in an Oracle card now and again and learn more about the Oracle decks that are out there on the market.

Tarot & Oracle Task

First of all, we’ll need four Tarot cards and one Oracle card, so I’m going to choose them now. 

Then I want to lay them out, so I’m going to imagine a square on the table in front of me and put each of my Tarot cards where each of the four sides of the square would be, my Oracle card will sit in the middle, at the heart of the reading. So let me go ahead and sort that. 

From here we’ll go in a clockwise direction and the question I’m asking is about how my external world can better represent my internal one. 

The oracle card will be what’s happening in my internal world right now and as I read the Tarot cards, I’ll start to build more of a picture of what’s happening externally and what I need to realign to reflect what’s going on internally. 

Around the outside, I have the top card which is home, the right which is health, the bottom which is work/finances and the left which is relationships.

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