*** NFTeams in a Nutshell (refer a friend!) *** Welcome to a special episode of the Steel City NFTeams Pod, the "on boarding", primer, or 'NFTeams for Dummies' episode. In this show, Nik, Ace and B attempt to answer everything anyone could possibly want to know about NFTeams before they join the gang. This is the episode that you can share with a friend who you think might be interested in getting into NFTeams but you can't be bothered explaining it all to them yourself. Maybe the friend isn't exactly sure what NFTeams is all about and what the benefits are - this episode is for them. Hopefully the boys answer some questions and don't turn anybody off the project! To make people's lives easier, below is a running list of what was covered during the episode and when, so people can skip ahead to relevant sections if they want to.0:00 Intro plus preview (plus drivel and banter) 4:55 Ace pump up song + not financial advice but "fun" advice 8:22 General NFT and crypto section  24:20 NFTeams section  * We recommend listening to the entire episode obviously, so you get the full experience that is a Steel City NFTeams Pod.  For a more detailed list of what is covered, feast your eyes on this lengthy, incomplete and poorly punctuated paragraph: What is an NFT, utility, MetaMask, gas, what is Web3, what are NFTeams, tournaments, name changes, image rights, mint pass draw, community, jerseys, Steeeeve, players, T3 sporting league in the metaverse, celeb NFTeam owners, merch, IRL (in real life) meetups and a sports bar possibly named "NFTeams and Dreams" (we can't back that name claim up, but we'll be pushing for it!).  Apologies for the two minute audio quality change midway through the episode when we had to do a little add-in section, post-recording. It wouldn't be a Steel City NFTeams Pod without some technical issues.We hope this episode is helpful to a great many people... or a few people... we'd settle for one person, truth be told...  Enjoy!*** Presented by SteelCityNFTeam and  ESPNFTeams on Twitter ****** Also presented by (insert chicken restaurant here... one day...) ***To learn more about NFTeams and how you can get involved, check out the website, official Twitter account, @nfteams_ and the discord!To hear from Steve (the creator of NFTeams), follow his Twitter account @day25 here or his blog Daily25 here.Check out the NFTeams merch store here and here's the link for the T2 Tournament.  Check out the NFT Sports Radio podcast with Coo here. He is the OG of NFTeams podcasting and you will love his work! Here's a link to the NFT Sports Radio website, too.To protect your NFTeams and crypto with a hardware wallet, visit one of the official sites via the links below (that ironically, we "stole" from Coo!):Ledger store - hereTrezor store - hereTo hear more from Nik, check out his Twitter here.To hear more from B, check out his Twitter here.Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!):https://uppbeat.io/t/soundroll/that-vibeLicense code: QPC2QY297WFVHV5Z

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