Discussing the Great File F*ckening, a plethora of Critical Role related controversies, lost and found Campaign 3 predictions, unhingedly looking at the bright side, and maybe also Critical Role - Campaign 1: Vox Machina Episode 4: Attack on the Duergar War Camp.     00:00:00 - A Pre-Warning: Discussion of Colonial Imagery and Violence 00:01:26 - Introducing the Time Paradox and File F*ckening 00:07:02 - Boasting about Predictions (slight CR3 spoilers regarding characters) 00:10:24 - A Bouquet of CR related controversies 00:11:30 - The Copyright Freak-Out 00:12:50 - The Twitch Leaks Freak-Out 00:17:25 - Discussing the Campaign 3 Opening 00:27:53 - Content Warnings: racist microaggressions, cannibalism, loss of autonomy, excessive violence, mention of attempted sexual assault 00:29:05 - Spoiler Warnings: Twilight (Breaking Dawn), Dragon Ball Z, Naruto (technically Boruto I guess), Campaign 2 00:30:00 - Out of Game Tidbits 00:38:53 - Where Are We At? 00:40:15 - Pike Arrives! 00:45:55 - Clarota Made No Promises 01:02:20 - Back to Planning 01:11:08 - Skip this tangent about CR3 seating arrangements, please 01:14:47 - BACK TO THE EPISODE 01:21:30 - The Actual Attack Starts (with Laura!) 01:34:45 - Bal's Gun Show 01:37:11 - The Fight Scene Goes On (Things Happen) 01:49:40 - The Purvan Scale 01:55:50 - Outro 01:59:53 - Scheduling Announcement   Further reading on the opening controversy: https://twitter.com/EvilCleverDog/status/1470886547004215300   Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/CRBackPodcast Find us on twitter: https://twitter.com/CRBackPodcast Find us on tumblr: https://criticalrolebackpodcast.tumblr.com/ Support our artist Lulafia: https://twitter.com/Tyurru  Music "Red Fox Tavern" by Curran Son, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBpKUIyOHdo&t=0s

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