Discussing Critical Role Campaign 1: Vox Machina - Episode 1: Arrival at Kraghammer and why it might not be the best episode to start your Critical Role journey with - but also certainly not the worst.   00:00:00 - Jana from the future has something to say 00:01:30 – Intro 00:02:40 – Gushing about Artwork 00:03:53 – Content Warnings: Sexual Content, Sex Work, Mention of Attempted Rape, Death of Civillians, Fantasy Racism 00:05:12 – Spoiler Warnings: CR2, Beauregard’s Backstory, Reani 00:06:08 – Out of Game Tidbits 00:08:40 – How do we feel about the intro movies? 00:16:22 – What Happened So Far/Why the Comics Are Not Canon (to us) 00:19:21 – Episode Recap starts 00:26:32 – The Party Splits (CN: Sexual Content, Sex Work) 00:29:42 – Tiberius casts spells at a house for 5 minutes 00:30:40 – Back to the Bear Bar 00:34:15 – On to the mines 00:35:00 – The Fight Scene (CN: Civilian Casualties) 00:37:43 – How Do You Want To Do This? The Cultural Impact Thereof 00:40:08 – 5E and What Even Are Rules 00:42:50 – Combat Review 00:44:13 - Highly Ironic Philosophizing About Audio Quality 00:46:22 – The Inevitable Perc’ahlia Tangent 00:47:47 – General Characterization and Worldbuilding Tangent 00:51:30 – A Gay Bar full of Bears 00:52:25 – Pillars of Eternity On The Brain 00:53:57 – Matt playing female NPCs 00:56:26 – Are any of Matt’s female NPCs straight? 00:58:28 – Bal’s Gun Show 01:03:01 – Sex Work on Critical Role (CN: Sexual Content, Sex Work) 01:06:56 - What a Shawm Is (And Isn’t) 01:09:09 – Grab Bag of Whatever Else to Talk About (CN: Sexism) 01:12:14 – Hints of a Very Different Game (CN: Sex Work, Mention of Attempted Rape) 01:16:26 – Not the Best Place to Start? 01:22:15 – The Purvan Scale 01:33:28 – Be Nice to People Doing Something New 01:34:35 – Outro  Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/CRBackPodcast Find us on twitter: https://twitter.com/CRBackPodcast Find us on tumblr: https://criticalrolebackpodcast.tumblr.com Support our artist Lulafia: https://twitter.com/Tyurru   Music "Red Fox Tavern" by Curran Son, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBpKUIyOHdo&t=0s

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