Ba'al Busters Broadcast

Ba'al Busters Broadcast

To Create a World Where Child-Harmers Run for their Lives rather than for Office, that is What Ba'al Busters strives to do. Find your Inner Honey Badger and become the Fearless Warrior for Good that you were Created to be! On Ba'al Busters Broadcast, Roku TV, Radio and video channels, I misuse my intellect and wit as I analyze hidden history, uncover deceptions, and identify the perpetrators using pattern recognition, and investigation... Then I make it humorous so people don't fall asleep. This podcast has come about after much extensive reading and research over the past decade into various topics of Infiltration, Corruption, Evil Forces, Dark Cults, and True Crime. Come to find out, all I really had to do was make cat videos or film my daughter opening mystery toys and I'd been RICH already. So grab your Sherlocks by the pipe, and put on your snorkel, it's time to go deep diving and hold these criminals accountable, or die laughing at them. I don't just identify the problems, but my guests and I offer Solutions that no one pays attention to. Baal Busters is a completely Independent Source for non-trivial TRUTH and that should explain why I'm poor. I am a Veteran, a small business owner, a Dad, and have that "boy next door" vibe provided that boy was a Disillusioned Bodhisattva, who's changed his mind about people, and wants to leave this Karmatic Hell. The Constitution isn't going to Restore Itself. It takes Individual Effort to do that.

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