Podcast Summary Headings1. Introduction to Consulting Flexibility and Niche Focus 2. HR Consulting Business Strategies and Networking3. Importance of Delegating and Trust in Business Growth4. Building a Network and LinkedIn Strategy5. Starting and Growing an HR Consulting Business6. Instant Access to HR Boot Camp Content  Introduction to Consulting Flexibility and Niche Focus Amanda Nichols' Transition:After 20 years in corporate, Amanda Nichols began her consulting business seeking flexibility and direct engagement with business owners. Balancing Work and Life: Despite the unexpected workload, Amanda appreciates the ability to manage her schedule around her personal life.Niche vs. Generalist Approach: Sarah shares their preference for niche HR consulting, emphasizing the importance of local, face-to-face interactions to build strong client relationships and understand their needs deeply.  HR Consulting Business Strategies and Networking Local Business Growth through Networking: Amanda, based in Ramsgate, stresses the importance of networking for growing a local business.The Mix of Retainer Clients and Project Work: Amanda maintains a balance between retainer clients and project-based work, allowing for work variety and flexibility.Valuing Teamwork and Support: Sarah and Amanda discuss their experiences and the balance between independence and the need for a supportive team in HR consulting.  Importance of Delegating and Trust in Business Growth Delegating Tasks to Grow Business: The necessity of delegation and team support to free up time for strategic focus and business growth is a key discussion point.Cross-Time zone Assistance and Personal Development: Sarah considers international hiring to ensure work continues across different time zones and plans retreats for personal and business growth.      Building a Network and LinkedIn Strategy Overcoming Impostor Syndrome with a Strong Network: Amanda talks about building a strong network of HR consultants and using professional photos on LinkedIn to showcase their human side and build connections.Effective Use of LinkedIn: Amanda shares strategies for standing out on LinkedIn, including varied posts to engage and inform her network.  Starting and Growing an HR Consulting Business Foundation for Business Concept: Networking and foundational work are highlighted as crucial for starting an HR consulting business, with emphasis on the value of boot camps and associate work for experience.Patience with Busy Clients: Understanding and patience are emphasized as important virtues when dealing with clients' schedules and decision-making processes.  Instant Access to HR Boot Camp Content Amanda's Boot Camp Journey: Sarah explores with Amanda about her progress and goals within the boot camp, reassuring listeners about the immediate accessibility of content and the scheduling of group coaching sessions. This summary encapsulates key insights and strategies discussed in the podcast, offering valuable perspectives for those navigating the complexities of HR consulting.  LINKS:Connect with Amanda on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amanda-nicholls-hr-consultant-mcipd/Find out more about our Leap into HR Consultant Bootcamp coaching programme: 

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