This is a special crosspost episode where Adam Gleave is interviewed by Nathan Labenz from the Cognitive Revolution. At the end I also have a discussion with Nathan Labenz about his takes on AI.

Adam Gleave is the founder of Far AI, and with Nathan they discuss finding vulnerabilities in GPT-4's fine-tuning and Assistant PIs, Far AI's work exposing exploitable flaws in "superhuman" Go AIs through innovative adversarial strategies, accidental jailbreaking by naive developers during fine-tuning, and more.


(00:00) Intro


(05:33) Unveiling the Vulnerabilities in GPT-4's Fine Tuning and Assistance APIs

(11:48) Divergence Between The Growth Of System Capability And The Improvement Of Control

(13:15) Finding Substantial Vulnerabilities

(14:55) Exploiting GPT 4 APIs: Accidentally jailbreaking a model

(18:51) On Fine Tuned Attacks and Targeted Misinformation

(24:32) Malicious Code Generation

(27:12) Discovering Private Emails

(29:46) Harmful Assistants

(33:56) Hijacking the Assistant Based on the Knowledge Base

(36:41) The Ethical Dilemma of AI Vulnerability Disclosure

(46:34) Exploring AI's Ethical Boundaries and Industry Standards

(47:47) The Dangers of AI in Unregulated Applications

(49:30) AI Safety Across Different Domains

(51:09) Strategies for Enhancing AI Safety and Responsibility

(52:58) Taxonomy of Affordances and Minimal Best Practices for Application Developers

(57:21) Open Source in AI Safety and Ethics

(1:02:20) Vulnerabilities of Superhuman Go playing AIs

(1:23:28) Variation on AlphaZero Style Self-Play

(1:31:37) The Future of AI: Scaling Laws and Adversarial Robustness


(1:37:33) Nathan’s background

(01:39:44) Where does Nathan fall in the Eliezer to Kurzweil spectrum

(01:47:52) AI in biology could spiral out of control

(01:56:20) Bioweapons

(02:01:10) Adoption Accelerationist, Hyperscaling Pauser

(02:06:26) Current Harms vs. Future Harms, risk tolerance 

(02:11:58) Jailbreaks, Nathan’s experiments with Claude

The cognitive revolution:

Exploiting Novel GPT-4 APIs:

Advesarial Policies Beat Superhuman Go AIs:

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