📮 Want tools for the art of living? Sign up here: https://perennial.substack.com/subscribeIn this episode of In Search of Wisdom, my guest is Dr. Dilip Jeste, author of Wiser: The Scientific Roots of Wisdom, Compassion, and What Makes Us Good. In this conversation, Dr. Jeste emphasizes the importance of social connections and compassion in developing wisdom and improving overall well-being. He also highlights the negative impact of loneliness on mental and physical health and suggests that wisdom can serve as an antidote to loneliness. The conversation concludes with insights on the importance of humility, self-reflection, and finding meaning and purpose in life. Key Takeaways:Wisdom is a characteristic pattern of behavior that can vary in individuals and across different components.Social connections and compassion are essential for developing wisdom and improving overall well-being.Loneliness has a negative impact on mental and physical health, and wisdom can serve as an antidote to loneliness.Humility is essential for wisdom and involves recognizing our own ignorance and the limitations of our knowledge.---🖇️ Stay Connected:Twitter: https://twitter.com/PerennialPodsInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/perennialmeditations/YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@PerennialPodsWebsite: https://www.perennialleader.com/---🦉 Additional Resources:Explore the Perennial Meditations archive: https://perennial.substack.com/archiveListen to more podcasts: https://www.perennialleader.com/podcasts

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