Brave Women at Work

Brave Women at Work


Leadership positions in corporations are overwhelmingly held by men. Women who want to advance their careers and have equal representation at the table face enormous obstacles in today's society. T...

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Leadership positions in corporations are overwhelmingly held by men. Women who want to advance their careers and have equal representation at the table face enormous obstacles in today's society. They are frequently viewed through the lens of stereotypes, making it difficult for them to demonstrate their worth. In response, it's only natural that they keep their heads down and wallow in their insecurities. Don't you wish there was a guidebook for women to use as they enter the workforce? With this, they could have a much easier time navigating the complex environment.

Since there isn't anything like it out there, Jen Pestikas created a podcast called Brave Women at Work to fill the void. This show encourages women to believe in themselves and take charge of their professional lives so that they can progress to the next level.

Each episode is devoted to a different set of issues that prevent professional women from reaching their full potential and obtaining the leadership positions they seek. Burnout and imposter syndrome are two common causes of self-sabotage. Learn to break free of the victim mentality and the distractions that prevent you from speaking up, and you will have taken the first step toward removing those obstacles. Get out of your comfort zone and into the path to achieving much larger objectives. Use the information you gain from this show to help you realize your full potential, then stand firm against the unjust demands of the business world.

Listen in on discussions that teach you how to advocate for yourself and let others recognize the value you bring to the workplace. Don't let the long hours you spend at work make you feel bored or unappreciated. Find out when it's appropriate to negotiate your salary, your hours, and your position to get the most out of your job. One should not put their professional success in the hands of others. Take advantage of your unique abilities to make significant strides in your career.

For over twenty years, Jen has worked as a Certified Career and Leadership Coach in the business world, and now she's bringing that knowledge to the podcast audience. She'll show you how to succeed professionally without sacrificing your personal life or putting on a false front. Gain self-assurance and knock down roadblocks to success with the help of Jen's insightful advice.

In addition to her extensive expertise, Jen shares uplifting takeaways from her own corporate experience. Both burnout and the "imposter syndrome" have affected her. She struggled with many self-limiting beliefs and experienced her share of professional dissatisfaction. After spending many years in the predominantly male investment services industry, Jen learned what it takes to stand out as a strong, career-focused woman. She overcame adversity and is now the Senior Vice President of Business Development at a thriving financial institution. She is a shining proof of how far one can go in their careers by playing to their strengths and removing any self-doubt that may have been holding them back.

On the podcast, Jen not only discusses her own life but also features interviews with other remarkable women. Find out how they overcame the obstacles they encountered in the business world and how they turned their setbacks into opportunities. These outstanding individuals were once in your shoes, and now you can benefit from their experiences and insights as you propel your own career to new heights.

As long as men dominate the corporate world, it will be difficult for women to advance. Don't let the gender gap stop you from pursuing your professional goals. Acquire the resources you need to fully realize your potential by following Jen's guidance and the examples of her amazing guests. Luck will not make you a good leader. Instead, make people listen to what you have to say, become your own advocate, and take bolder action in everything you do.

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