In this Episode, Nicola and Florence explore
- How Florence became a certified Eating Psychology and body image coach
- That body image is - in fact - an "inside job". It is related to our thoughts, feelings and emotions towards our bodies, and doesn't have much to do with the way we look.
- That to increase body confidence and recover our periods, we need to work on our mindset. Because changing our bodies is doomed in 98% of cases, and cannot be a guarantee of acceptance.
- Chris Sandel - Real Health Radio
- If you suffer from an Eating Disorder and don't know where to get help, look into the NGOs and associations listed under "support organisations" on this page.
- Ways to deal with toxic "New year, New you" messages out there while you are recovering from HA:
#1 Disconnect from external messages - move from self-control to self-care. From "I should" to "what do I need?", letting go of the unattainable goal of perfection.
#2 Make your social media feed a happy, diverse, inclusive and inspiring place
Get rid of accounts that make you feel "less than"
Follow body positive and fat acceptance accounts: @300poundsandrunning @ragenchastain
And a lot more on
#3 Set boundaries against fatphobic comments
Documentaries: Embrace, Miss Representation, The Social Dilemma
Learning to side step conversations, to answer fatphobic comments, to self-care when triggered are all ways to set boundaries and protect yourself and your recovery.
#4 Practice self-compassion when negative self-talk is showing up
#5 Remember that diets don't work. They mostly lead to weight GAIN, body dissatisfaction, and eating disorders.
#6 Use body acceptance affirmations
#7 Start a gratitude journal

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