Join Nataliya in this captivating episode of the Beehive Podcast, as she engages in a profound conversation with Karen Ruimy. Karen is a multi-talented artist, entrepreneur and author. She was born in France and raised in Morocco. Her artistic journey began with dance, where she became a successful dancer and choreographer. Later on, she explored music and became a singer and songwriter. 

Karen has also ventured into the fashion industry, creating a line of luxury kaftans. In addition to her creative pursuits, she has written books that focus on spirituality, personal growth, and well-being. These works include titles like "Voices of Wisdom" and "The Angel Code." Her diverse background and interests have led her to cultivate a unique blend of artistic expression and spiritual exploration, including energetic healing. 

In conversation with Nataliya they explore life's guiding symbols and their power to illuminate our authentic paths and delving into the wisdom of recognising what doesn't serve us in order to embrace our true purpose. Karen explains the roots of attracting toxic relationships and experiencing recurring failures and how to break the cycle.

The episode is packed with gifts and surprises, including special discounts for Beehive Podcast listeners on the products and services from The House Kalmar (discount code BEEHIVE15) and a gift of 15min meditation guided by Karen to start the journey of self-care and healing.


Life is always giving us signs and signals to show us when something is not working or when we are on the right path.

Connecting to our inner child and releasing suppressed emotions and blockages is essential for personal growth and finding true happiness.

Balancing high-pressure jobs with spiritual practices, such as meditation or mindfulness, is crucial for maintaining a state of balance and well-being.

Combining spirituality and religion is possible as long as it aligns with your own beliefs and allows for a direct connection to your higher self and divine energy.

Creating a space of beauty and harmony, whether through light colours, nature, crystals, or candles, can enhance our spiritual practices and bring a sense of peace and joy.


"Life is always talking to you, it's always bringing you signs that something is not working or something. Or when something is working, when you are on your soul path, you feel so much abundance and so much flow and doors opening."

"Pressure comes from the fact that you don't believe in yourself and you don't believe in life as a giver."

"If you're doing any practice that is telling you you have an obligation to do something that goes against your heart and you feel it, you feel obliged, you feel it's heavy, you feel it doesn't work for you, you have to stop because that means that you are under the influence of something that is limited, that is human, and that has nothing to do with God."

"Success is not about what you get. It's exactly about knowing who you are and expressing who you are."

"Beauty is harmony. I think that I have a different way to see beauty. But if I'm going in a hotel, for example, I need some energy reminders, you know, like crystals. I bring a little crystal. I bring a little goddess that I travel, that is always travelling with me."



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