On this trail I will be doing a Tribute to The Amazing Randi or James Randi, a former magician and skeptic investigator of the paranormal. With this trial there will be 8 campfires to go over, to start with is the life and career of James Randi, then one over the JREF and what they did. Followed by teaching modules the Randi created and then go over the book Randi wrote, and media, podcast he was apart of. Also to finish the campfires with awards Randi got in his life and the award the he made as well, then I’ll give my thoughts on James Randi, then in the Mythological Minute I go into a Greek Titan that is appropriate for Randi, so would you kindly grab your thermos and fill them up and we’ll set out on this trail.

The Great Journey Podcast

Host: Luke Keish

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Mythological minute & Undertakers fee: Barbara by U.S. Army Blues is licensed under a Public Domain Mark 1.0 License.

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