Episode 10 - Sea serpent, Cybernetics, Wizards. Oh My.

Episode 10 - Sea serpent, Cybernetics, Wizards. Oh My.

Of course, the Wizards were going to interrupt the anticipated championship game of Reign of Fire. Not only that, but Veronica von VonVon betrayed everyone. We pick back up where we left off the last episode, the battle against Malachai, Cassandra, Leroy, and the other Wizards continues. Their secret weapon will be revealed and Clay and his friends will have to figure out a way to stop it. Don't miss out on the epic conclusion of the battle for Vlad's Castle Mansion!

The Cast of Episode Ten-

Narrator - Jordan

Clay (Human) - Dakota

Barry (Pixie) - Andy

Cali (Elf) - Tori

Herman (Orc) - Ethan

Wesley (Dragon) -  Ray

Vladimir von VonVon - Andy

Vince Von VonVon - Andy

King Xyan- Ray

Shannon - Ethan

Larry - Ethan

Perry - Jordan

Justin - Ethan

Steve - Andy

Belvideer - Ethan

Glop-  Ethan

Frizelda - Dakota

Edgarton Valshire - Dakota

Lady Ingred Falahpen - Tori (British)

Leroy - Ethan

Cassandra - Jordan

Malachai - Dakota

Paulseidon - Andy

Iris - Tori

Gunther - Ray

Collin Stren - Dakota

Miranda Chelly - Tori

Leviathan - Ethan

Garland Fellz -Andy

Talbit/Necklace - Andy

Unknown Mummy Body - Ray

D.G. - Ray

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