Hiding Something

Hiding Something

Are powerful individuals actually conspiring to control humanity? Do powerful, all-knowing secret societies actually exist? What’s the truth behind theories surrounding the Illuminati? 

Who’s behind a massive granite monument on a remote hillside in Georgia that’s emblazoned with cryptic messages? What’s actually going on in, around and possibly underneath the Denver airport? What’s buried beneath a small island off of the coast of northeast Canada, where researchers have been finding strange artifacts for decades? Why do some of the most powerful people in the world meet in the dense, Redwood forest of northern California to observe a violent ceremony in front of a massive sculpture of a stone owl every summer?

Are there symbols and codes embedded in everything from currency to music videos that contain clues to solving these mysteries?

This summer, you’re invited to come down another rabbit hole to separate fact from conspiracy theory and find out what’s really going on, who’s telling the truth, and who might just be Hiding Something. 

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