Producer and showrunner Ben Roy is here to talk about the new Netflix nature docuseries Our Living World, diva cicadas, interwoven climates, and Cate Blanchett - beekeeper extraordinaire.

More about Our Living World:

This is the wondrous, untold story of the most magical, powerful force on Earth: life itself, and how it shapes the world through incredible physical connections and astonishing webs, producing a planetary life support system that sustains and protects us all. Spanning continents and oceans, fueled by wind and water and fire, this network allows the densest forests to impact the coldest glaciers, and the deepest oceans to feed the hottest deserts. But with Earth now changing at unprecedented speeds due to human activity, our living world’s network is malfunctioning – and it will take all creatures, great and small, to return its balance.

Our Living World is out streaming now on Netflix.

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