The Sly Flourish D&D Podcast

Lazy D&D Talk Show: Companion Kickstarter, Planebreaker, Witchlight, D&D Celebration, Dungeoncraft Adventurers

Mike talks about all things D&D!


  • 00:00 Intro

00:24 Lazy DM's Companion Kickstarter Coming Soon!

02:34 Planebreaker Kickstarter

04:43 Dwarven Forge Reliquaries Kickstarter

08:02 Wild Beyond the Witchlight Thoughts

13:11 D&D Celebration

15:29 DM's Guild Dungeoncraft Adventures

20:03 DM's Panel on Immersion

24:51 New Adventurer's League Rules (They're Awesome)

28:41 Sharon C. Are Hybrid Conventions Here to Stay? (Yes!)

35:23 Tracking villains in published adventures

39:18 Questions about the Kickstarter

43:16 Running Wilderness Exploration

46:49 Non-combat Strong Starts for Adventures

50:22 Tips for Running NPCs and Giving Away Secrets


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