"I am intentional about not losing myself in my marriage." - Meg

(host) Reka, sits down with the inspiring Meg Watt to explore the dynamics of her decade-long relationship with her husband, Darrel. Through their conversation, they uncover valuable insights on building a healthy marriage, the importance of proper planning and strategy, and the need to embrace personal growth.

Meg begins by acknowledging the widespread desire many people have for the kind of fulfilling relationship she shares with Darrel. However, she highlights the unfortunate reality that most individuals fail to listen to her advice, missing out on the secrets to long-lasting-healthy love.

The journey of Meg and Darrel's relationship takes an unexpected turn early on when Darrel breaks up with Meg after two years. Meg candidly shares this experience, explaining that Darrel felt unprepared and uncertain about their future together. Reflecting on this challenging period, Meg emphasizes the significance of therapy in their reconciliation and subsequent reunion.

The podcast delves deeper into Meg's decision to give their relationship another chance despite her initial reservations about Darrell's previous breakup. Meg challenges the notion of holding onto an immature attitude and emphasizes the importance of personal growth and maturity in nurturing a strong bond.

Furthermore, Meg reveals the 'trauma plans' she and Darrel have implemented in their relationship. She sheds light on the significance of recognizing and addressing past traumas, emphasizing how this awareness contributes to a healthier and more resilient partnership.

Throughout the conversation, Meg shares her perspective on how individuals often normalize suppressing their own needs and desires, especially within the context of relationships. She encourages listeners to break free from this pattern, advocating for open communication and self-expression as essential ingredients for relationship growth.

Meg also touches upon the importance of empathy towards those who break up with us. She suggests that, that maybe these individuals (men) may have only experienced our unique type of love in their dreams and how overwhelming that can be for them. So having grace for ourselves in 'choosing wrong' and their choice to retreat is a crucial approach to our healing.


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