"We have to stop internalizing people’s fruit inspection of us. - Tiyahri

In this podcast episode, my guest is Dr. Tiyahri Wilson and we explore the topic of preference when it comes to dating, specifically for Black women. We start off by discussing whether Eboni K. Williams is allowed to have her own preference and if Black women are allowed to be vocal about theirs. We also touch on Eboni's comment, "If he owns the bus," and whether men were too sensitive about her preference.

Dr. Tiyahri shares a quote that encourages people to stop internalizing others' opinions of them. Myself and Tiyahri also reveal whether WE would date a bus driver and while our preference isn't exactly aligned with Eboni's, we do express our support for her answer, her reasoning and more. Then we move on to the rebuttal made by Dr. Iyanla Vanzant about the criteria used to measure men being off, which sparks a conversation about the cultural push for marriage and motherhood and how it may maintain patriarchal control and dominance.

Dr. Iyanla Vanzant said: "The standards and the criteria we use to measure men are off, for who we are as women and who they are in this society.”

The conversation then turns to the difference between "finding love" or "falling in love" versus "choosing love." This episodes ends with us discussing the idea that as long as the competition is "I'm not gonna let you out love me," the marriage will work. Overall, the episode provides thought-provoking insights on preference, love, and the societal norms that surround relationships.


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