#56 - Refactoring–The Discipline for Writing Good Code - Christian Clausen

#56 - Refactoring–The Discipline for Writing Good Code - Christian Clausen

“Good code should be resilient to bugs. It should make it easier to do the changes that you want to the system. Some refactoring could make it harder to make changes. So, if you guess wrongly the direction of the software, then it can have a negative effect."

Christian Clausen is a Technical Agile Coach specializing in teaching teams on how to refactor their code properly. He is also the author of “Five Lines of Code”. In this episode, Christian explained in-depth about refactoring, when and how we should do refactoring, the components, workflow, and pillars of refactoring. Christian also shared about a few important architectural refactoring, such as composition over inheritance and changing by addition instead of modification. Finally, Christian also shared a few tips for writing quality software, such as the five lines of code rule, the habit of deleting code, and avoiding optimization and generality.

Listen out for:

Career Journey - [00:04:20]

Refactoring & Good Code - [00:06:58]

Refactoring & Testing - [00:10:07]

Components of Refactoring - [00:14:36]

Advice to Start Refactoring - [00:16:17]

Refactoring Workflow - [00:18:21]

Pillars of Refactoring - [00:22:07]

Five Lines of Code - [00:25:51]

Composition Over Inheritance - [00:30:00]

Changing by Addition Instead of Modification - [00:34:12]

Love Deleting Code - [00:37:01]

Avoid Optimizations and Generality - [00:39:38]

Favorite Refactoring Strategies - [00:43:28]

3 Tech Lead Wisdom - [00:45:17]


Christian Clausen’s Bio

Christian Clausen works as a Technical Agile Coach teaching teams how to properly refactor their code. He has previously worked as a software engineer on the Coccinelle semantic patching project, an automated refactoring tool. He holds an MSc degree in Computer Science and has taught software quality at a university level for five years.

Follow Christian:

Twitter – https://twitter.com/thedrlambda

GitHub – https://github.com/thedrlambda

Medium – https://thedrlambda.medium.com/

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