Anna Connelly tells a story about giving her first big presentation at work and about confidence.

Level: Upper Intermediate

Accent: United Kingdom (Oxford)

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5 words and expressions in today's story:

- TO HAVE EVERYTHING TOGETHER: To be organized, calm, or sure about handling all different aspects of life. Examples: "Even in tough times, she looks like she has everything together." "Feeling confident comes from having everything together."

- TO LOSE YOUR TRAIN OF THOUGHT: To forget or be unable to continue thinking or talking about something. Examples: "While speaking, he forgot what he was saying, lost his train of thought." "It's easy to lose your train of thought when someone interrupts you."

- TO STICK OUT (A MEMORY): To be a very memorable or easy-to-remember memory. Examples: "The day we first met really sticks out as a special memory." "Some events stick out because they're important."

- TO BE PUT ON THE SPOT: To be in a situation where you feel pressure or people are paying attention to you. Examples: "Feeling nervous during the presentation, she felt put on the spot." "It's uncomfortable to put people on the spot by asking them unexpected questions."

- TO BE THROWN IN THE DEEP END: To be given a challenging task or situation without much preparation. Examples: "On his first day at work, he was thrown in the deep end with a tough project." "Being thrown in the deep end can be overwhelming, but is also a chance to learn quickly."

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