Erica Tait shares a story of falling off an 18-meter cliff.

Level: Intermediate

Accent: United States (New Jersey)

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5 words and expressions in today's story:

- TO TAKE IN: Appreciating or looking at and enjoying the nice appearance of something, like colorful leaves. Examples: Samantha stood by the window, taking in the beauty of the sunrise (enjoying the pretty sunrise).

- TO SLIP / TO BE SLIPPERY: Sliding unexpectedly or being smooth and hard to hold onto, like a wet floor or soap. Example: Be careful not to slip on the wet floor after it rains. The road is slippery after it rains. 

- A CONCUSSION / TO BE CONCUSSED: When you get hit on the head, it can hurt your brain temporarily, and that's called a concussion. Example: After the car crash, she suffered a concussion and needed medical attention.

- VAGUE MEMORIES: Not clear memories of things that happened in the past. Example: As she grew older, her childhood became a collection of vague memories.

- CASTS: Hard coverings, like a strong bandage, that doctors put on a broken arm or leg to help it heal. Example: After breaking his arm, Mark had to wear a cast for several weeks.

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- Find out more about Erica Tait’s therapy center at or follow them on Instagram @quantumtherapynj

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