Struggling to find joy in your work and life? You're not alone. Millions of people feel unfulfilled and uninspired. But what if there was a secret to unlocking both happiness and success? In this conversation, renowned speaker Annicken R Day reveals the power of choosing joy and how it can transform your personal and professional life. Discover the 3 key steps to finding your purpose, shifting your mindset, and embracing joy for ultimate fulfillment.


Chapter Stamps:

00:00:00 - Introduction: Setting the Stage for Joy

00:02:00 - Building a Winning Culture Through Passion and Fun

00:16:00 - Joy: The Secret Weapon for Business Success

00:17:00 - Science Backs the Power of Joy

00:18:00 - Why Leaders Often Miss the Importance of Joy

00:19:00 - Creating Joy in the Present Moment

00:20:00 - The Happy Life, Happy Work Model: A Framework for Fulfillment

00:20:00 - Discovering Your Purpose: The Foundation for Happiness

00:21:00 - Aligning with Your Values: Living an Authentic Life

00:22:00 - Building Self-Trust: Taking Action Despite Fear

00:23:00 - The Power of Mindsets: Shifting Your Perspective for Growth

00:23:00 - From Victim to Player: Taking Control of Your Happiness

00:24:00 - Choosing Passion and Joy: Following Your Heart

00:25:00 - Joy as Your Guide: Embracing a Fulfilling Life

00:26:00 - Conclusion: Spreading the Joy Revolution


Pullout Quotes:


"Joy is not something that people are used to seeing. But the people who do express that actually attract a lot more people as well."

"It's more surprising that not all leaders really start focusing on how can we create more joy here because it's going to be so good for our business."

"So we need a fun revolution, a happiness revolution in the workplace."

"You don't have to wait to get to fulfillment or joy before you get something to get it. You can create it in the now. You can create it right now."



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