Are you stuck in sales mediocrity? Struggling to close deals and hit your targets? What if you could unlock 10x growth using the hidden power of AI? In this episode, sales expert Ryan Staley reveals his proven AI strategies for exploding your revenue. Discover ChatGPT secrets, overcome common pitfalls, and join the AI sales revolution. Tune in now and watch your sales soar!

Chapter Stamps:

00:00:00 The Industrial Revolution Analogy for the White-Collar World00:01:00 Introduction: Ryan Staley, Founder & CEO of Whale Boss00:02:00 Shifting Focus: From Manual Tasks to Outcome-Driven Strategies00:03:00 Overcoming Burnout and Building a Dream Team00:04:00 Zero to Thirty Million: The Journey of Whale Boss00:05:00 Embracing AI: Personal Transformation and Business Impact00:06:00 Discovering the Power of Large Language Models (LLMs)00:07:00 The Five Key Areas to Leverage AI in Your Day-to-Day00:08:00 Time Management: From Death by a Thousand Paper Cuts to Efficient Execution00:09:00 Acumen: Understanding C-Level Decision Making with AI00:10:00 Knowledge Acquisition: From Podcasts to Personalized Strategies00:11:00 Beyond ChatGPT: Exploring Other LLMs and Tools00:12:00 The Excitement of Automation: Streamlining Tasks and Unleashing Potential

Pullout Quotes:

"Nobody knows about it. You're screaming in an abandoned building. And that just, that doesn't equal anything.""It's so new for companies implementing this at scale to their team that it's... most, most organizations, I would say, don't have a design plan or approach to it"Don't know what to focus on or two, you don't know how to get good quality out of the AI.""If you look at selling effectively, 65 percent of time spent from sales professionals and sales executives is on non selling activities.""I'm specifically for business people, right? Like business to business sales people, business to business, you know, revenue focus, founders, entrepreneurs, those people, not, not business to consumer, right?""Like I said, the biggest pressure I've ever seen or felt in my life is when I've had income uncertainty."


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