In today’s solo episode Britt Olson breaks down the 6 reasons you might be addicted to sugar paired with a variety of ways to combat your pesky sugar cravings. Dealing with extreme cravings or possible food addiction of any kind is no small task. It not only feels all consuming, but these foods also tend to rule our lives. You may often feel totally out of control to these cravings. So if you are anything like Britt once was, and you are tired of feeling like you can’t make it out of the grocery store without a trip down the candy aisle or stand no chance against your kitchen pantry or freezer drawer come 3 in the afternoon, this conversation is definitely for you. 

While there are a host of reasons you might be addicted to sugar, Britt keeps things simple by sharing 6 of the more common reasons paired with a glimpse into her 3-step approach to quitting your sugar habit once and for all.

Britt created a 3-step approach to quitting your sugar habit and returning to the real you. For what many may not realize is how your sugar habit is impacting your sense of purpose in life, emotional health, and brain health. Sugar goes far beyond impacting the physical body. Her approach utilizes 9 wellness tools, grouped into 3 mini rituals that you can easily incorporate into your day to day. After her own overpowering sweet tooth that developed postpartum, Britt created this unique mind body approach for her own recovery, and later recognized the value in this approach for others outside of herself, so she decided to bring it to life for the wellbeing of others too. To learn more you can go to


This solo episode covers a variety of topics including:

  • 6 reasons you may be addicted to sugar 

  • The brain on sugar and why you can’t quit your sugar habit

  • Factors contributing to your sugar cravings such as dehydration, lack of sleep, and stress

  • The role nutrition and supplementation plays to sugar cravings and blood sugar levels

  • Hormonal imbalance and sugar cravings

  • Tips to reduce your sugar cravings

  • Tools to reference when a sugar craving strikes 

“If you felt like one of the six ways you might be addicted to sugar connects with you - please know that you are not alone. And please hold zero shame for yourself too. Honestly, in our sugar-heavy world we are pretty much set up to fail. Sugar not only acts as a mind and mood-altering drug, it's put in virtually everything you consume. You’d be shocked to find how much sugar is added to foods that you may not typically expect. This is extremely common in the health food world as products are labeled or marketed as being quote on quote healthy, when really they are loaded with sugars or oils. If anyone was to actually measure their daily sugar intake, they would be floored at how much sugar is in their diets. So if you feel you are probably not of the 75% of the US population consuming too much sugar, once you start reading your ingredient labels, you might be in for a rude awakening.”

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