Affirmation Babe

Affirmation Babe

You have been conditioned to settle for less than you deserve for yourself. We create modern, mindful and motivational affirmations to help reprogram your mind for abundance so you can attract everything you want in life.

Affirmation Babe Affirmations can be paired with other healthy lifestyle habits such as therapy, meditation, manifestation, tapping & prayer.

Affirmation has previously been made popular through the likes of Napoleon Hill in Think & Grow Rich, Louise Hay, Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield.

Affirmations can help you manifest literally anything. Combining affirmations with meditation, exercise, healing, breath work, yoga and many other holistic practices can be truly life changing. 

Affirmation Babe releases new weekly episodes FREE for you to create a shift in a specific area of your life.

From the Founder

Hi! I’m Ashley Diana. Affirmations helped me through one of the toughest times in my life. 

Although I had a “good life”, the beliefs I held throughout my life weren’t really serving me.

When I discovered the power of affirmations through thought leaders like Louise Hay and Bob Proctor, my entire life changed.

The first Affirmation Babe audios I created were just for me! I uploaded them as a podcast so I could listen to them on the go and to my surprise, other people found them and began to see changes in their lives.

I’m deeply humbled by the opportunity to contribute to the lives of others through the power of affirmations.

Hit follow and watch everything in your life get better!

Use the power of Affirmations to be, do and have anything you want in life.

Mindful affirmations for the modern woman.

You CAN Have It All

PS: You can follow my life here @missashleydiana

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