Do you need to follow a plant based diet? Is more fiber always better? Does everyone have a parasite to kill?

For the final episode of season 6 of The Gut show, let’s break down some gut health myths and cover the nuance of these hot topics! 

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What should we cover in Season 7? 


In this episode, we cover:

Do you need to be plant based to manage symptoms [2:27]

Does saturated fat intake impact motility [7:29]  

Is more fiber always better [10:25]

What is fiber [11:17]

Does more fiber mean more gas [13:54]

Does this mean you’re backed up with poop [14:24]

Fiber intake goal [15:40]

Does everyone have a parasite to kill [17:51]

What are parasites [18:11]

Can you get a parasite in the United States [19:21]

Where do you get parasites? [22:22]

Where does the parasite myth come from [23:52]

Do you need repeat parasite cleanses [29:30]


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