Jennifer is on spring break.  So in lieu of her being here, I started to look for something that we might have filmed awhile ago, but follows our format. This was our second interview on camera, done in her office in Manhattan Beach on Dec. 21st, 2015.

At the time I was thinking about making these conversations into a documentary. Little did I know that our conversations over lunch, or in her office would become a six year journey together, and a podcast for the past year.

But this follows the same format without the format. In other words, we had spoken to Luana Anders before, but this was before we consider our conversations to be part of a class, or part of a group environment - where she would hold the clipboard and let people come forward to speak (and assist them in being able to do so.)

I think portions of this may have been reproduced in the book "Hacking the Afterlife" - the Jesus portion at least, where she says "I just saw Jesus" and instead of just allowing that to be part of the conversation, to ask him to swing by for a chat. This is also the second time where he shifted into jeans and a tee shirt (he does so in an earlier interview with Jamie Butler (also on this page) and later in an interview with Kimberly Ray (also on this page).

Again - we are improvising here. We have no plan, we have not discussed what we might talk about - but this was five and a half years ago - our second meeting, and just wanted to note how our relationship has not changed. Lots of laughs, some irreverent comments, some challenging questions - Jennifer speaks a little about her process - of how she "sees" or "hears" or visualizes information from the flipside.

I am the gadfly who asks pesky questions. "What does he or she look like?" "Why are they here?"  Steve Jobs stops by - as noted, she did not know that he had shown up in a filmed hypnotherapy session a week earlier with a friend who worked for him. She had said "Bill Gates is here" - and I was so flummoxed I didn't think to ask him what "Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow" meant - the words he said to his sister on his death bed.

Also we get to hear some things that are repeated in later podcasts. But for fans of this research, fans of Jennifer, this is an interesting portrait into an earlier time in our journey.   We did this filmed session as a podcast before podcasts existed... I know when I first listened back to it I thought "I can never use this in a film, since I'm talking to much and you can't see who that is talking..."  Little did I know that five and half years later we'd have spent every week for six years doing these kinds of conversations - "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" book one, two and three.  


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