Kaapa Health: The Power of Medicinal Mushrooms, Increase REM sleep with Reishi, Increase Neurogenesis with Lion's Mane, Sex Drive, Energy and ATP with Cordyceps and much more


Eric Puro, CEO from Kaapa Biotech 

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In this episode

-  Who is Eric and what Kaapa Biotech does 

- Similarity between Mushrooms and Humans begins

- Why not all Medicinal Mushrooms are made the same

- Chaga is a Super antioxidant and full of nutrients such as Betulinic acids, (1-3)(1-6)Beta-d-Glucans, Triterpenes, Inotodiol, Melanin, Superoxide dismutase (is an antioxidant),  Ergosterol peroxide, Zn, Cu, Ca, K, Fe, Mn and more

- Antioxidants effects on Workouts

- What Are Adaptogens?

- NAD+ Benefits with Sleep and Anti-ageing

- Reishi: Helps Increase REM Sleep 

- Lion's Mane and its benefits for the Brain and neurogenesis

- Possible interaction with Lion's Mane and Testosterone

- The importance of bitter foods for Liver Detox and Digestion

- Coffee + L-theanine and a brain boost biohack

- Cordyceps to increase ATP production

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