In this episode, Andre is with a special guest, Cher Gardiner, to talk to us about religion, vibration, ascension, and how to be happy and stay happy despite what’s happening in the world today. Cher shares insights about the current state of the youth, which is one in 10 high school students have attempted suicide. She then gives her learned opinion on the bigger conversation about what we can do, how can we get out of that state, and raise our vibration to be able to step into love and help the world with the same.

Make sure to listen to this episode and open your mind to the wisdom that will shed light on a lot of key principles that will bring you freedom, joy, and peace.



“I think it's unfortunate what's happening to our parents, the parents that are in charge of those children, because you are given those children, you are given the opportunity to be stewards over those children and guardians and guides over those children.” - Cher Gardiner

“There's power and being conscious, activating a thought applying an emotion to it, and then doing an action because an action is essential in order for you to move forward.” - Cher Gardiner

“Your emotion is either love or fear. And then, you choose the frequency or the feeling that supports it, and then you can ascend.” - Cher Gardiner

“Consciousness is what creates matter in manifestation.” - Cher Gardiner 



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Power Vs. Force, by Dr. David Hawkins


Show Notes:

(00:00) Podcast Intro

(00:43) Greetings and updates

(03:52) Introduction of Cher Gardiner

(05:27) How is Cher inside with what’s happening in the world

(06:29) The concept of spirit

(08:52) A death experience of losing our identity

(12:43) The concept of self-loathing

(16:03) Understanding the lower worlds’ system and how to move into the higher planes

(23:29) How to get to your heart center

(29:13) The concept of religion

(34:03) Ascension - the higher dimensional aspect of who you are

(41:24) Where is heaven?

(43:03) If it feels good, keep doing it

(47:04) Why do people get stuck in negativity and drama?

(49:42) What you can do to help get to a phenomenal 2023 for yourself

(54:58) Understanding that we are creators

(1:02:57) Updates and events announcements

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