In this episode, Andre is going to talk about his health journey and his experience with the carnivore diet. He shares how he started, the process he went through, some details of what he eats, some of the negatives at the beginning of this journey, and most importantly, the positive results he is now experiencing.

Listen in and get to know the carnivore diet through Andre’s experiences and some other resources he shares in this episode.



“So, get good at reading labels, understanding what sugars are going into your body and what sugar does to the body.” 

“Get involved with your food.” 

“I am my food and my food is me and we are one.”

“Do the tiniest thing possible and build upon it but taking action is the mofo.” 

“If the why doesn't make you cry, you're wasting time.”

“So, discipline has to do with committing to your best self and then creating a goal [like 208] and then creating a plan to get to that [like 208]. Without a plan, you don't get to the goal.”



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Show Notes:

(00:00) Podcast Intro

(00:43) Greetings, episode introduction, and updates

(03:42) Why Andre is telling his story about his health journey on the carnivore diet

(15:53) How Andre does his carnivore diet

(25:29) The concept of organic

(29:41) Get involved with what food you eat because you are what you eat

(30:23) How they began their carnivore diet

(35:44) Talking about working out

(39:58) Continuation on How they began their carnivore diet

(41:08) Some negatives they experienced doing the carnivore diet

(44:12) The positives they’re experiencing doing the carnivore diet

(49:48) A way of life of respecting your body and committing to the best you

(52:58) Creating a plan to get to your goal

(55:18) Discipline is the biggest takeaway in this journey

(56:11) When are you supposed to eat heavy

(59:13) Enjoying a happy life  

(1:00:52) Updates and events announcements

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