March was endometriosis awareness month! And we’re a little late to the party! But in the spirit of embracing the mud (!), we’ve decided to (un)officially extend endo awareness month with this convo all about endo – and some personal experiences of living with this condition, as a performer.If you’re someone who bleeds / are a little suss that something might be up with your cycle / have been diagnosed with endo / are just curious to hear more about this condition, then this episode is for you! Wonderful singer-extraordinaire Hanna-Liisa Kirchin joins me for this honest and open conversation, about our (varying) experiences with endometriosis. She’s so generous in sharing her experience – I’m so grateful to her for speaking about her journey.As ever, this conversation is just a sharing of personal experiences; it does not stand in for medical advice. Please seek the support of your doctor / medical professional, for further information. Also, please bear in mind that every endo journey is so wildly different. What you hear might align with either of our experiences – or it might not. It’s just a jumping-off point for raising awareness / the asking of questions / you being an even fiercer advocate for your own health and body.Suffice it to say, we talk loads about menstruation… so if that’s not up your alley, then this conversation is probably not for you, my friend (or, it might be, if you’d like to learn more!) Whyever (is that a word?! If not, should be) you’re coming to this conversation – we’re so glad to have you; you’re welcome here, and you’re seen.I’ll also include some resources below, if you’re interested in finding out more / seeking support. This list will be somewhat limited to what I’ve been exposed to / had access to, so a) see your doctor (and then see another one, if they’re dismissive…) and b) keep seeking great information, on your own terms (there’s more and more out there, now – and loads for free, too). We’re here as friends on the journey! Emily x

Resources mentioned / further info:Endometriosis Australia: UK: dietitian: @endo.dietitianHow to Endo, by Bridget Hustwaite: Repair Manual, by Lara Briden: Fifth Vital Sign, by Lisa Hendrickson-Jack: our guest: on Instagram: @hannaliisakHanna-Liisa on Twitter: @Hanna_Liisa_K

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