Threat detection is often limited to popular cloud services, so whats happening to all the "not so popular or commonly known" cloud services in your environment? We are speaking to Suresh Vasudevan, CEO of Sysdig about challenges typically companies find with this space and what should be the approach for threat detection. If you feel you are looking at threats from all cloud services you might want to hear this episode to know you actually are.Thank you to our episode sponsor Vanta and Sysdig

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Questions asked:

(00:00) Introduction

(03:41) A bit about Suresh

(05:14) How was threat detection done traditionally?

(07:33) How does threat detection translate to cloud?

(08:47) Uncommon services attack vector examples

(11:00) Uncommon services explained

(11:31) Problems with threat detection in cloud

(16:53) How to approach prioritisation?

(19:48) Bridging Cloud and Applications

Resources discussed during the episode!

LabRatAmberSquidScarleteelThe 2023 Global Threat Research

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