Jarred and Kyle are back to go over more of the internet's weirdest and funniest news stories. This week the news goes feudal with both stories involving ancient Japanese warriors, well one involved a "samurai sword" and the other involved "ninja-like people":

In Vancouver WA a man is arrested for threatening people in Walmart with a samurai sword, that's pretty much all the story told us; the craziest thing to come out of this story is that we still after (not exhaustive but a decent amount of) research we still have no idea if this story is real or not because the story was so short and lacked any substance on any "legitimate" (cough* Fox News cough*) News Source and the better written more detailed source was literally NEWS GPT!!! So what came first the Fox Story or the AI Story...honestly we don't know.

GA is arrested for firing 127 ROUNDS at a store, shooting at "ninja-like" people, and hitting nothing but inanimate objects. We know that sounds (not even vaguely but very) racist on first listen, but we've reached a couple of options as to what happened. 1: This man was playing a real-life prop hunt and didn't win. 2: He stole a motorcycle and really hated the guy he was robbing so he really really really shot up the place. 3: This man is basically John Wick, he was actually being attacked by ninjas sent by a secret underground criminal syndicate and he did kill a bunch of them but the super-elite syndicate cleaned up the bodies before the cops got there (honestly think about how crazy John Wick would sound if he got arrested and tried to explain what he was doing). 4: Meth! All equally plausible.

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