This blog -- and its accompanying podcast -- is just the tip of the iceberg with respect to what's being discussed online about all the concepts I mentioned above. The concepts are introduced here, on the blog; that's the tip of the iceberg. The vast majority of the iceberg, analysis -- the good stuff -- is discussed in our Facebook group, which is comprised of many members who are focused on deepening their relationship with Jesus Christ in a responsible, safe environment.So, if you haven't joined the Facebook group yet, I invite you to do so today. Click here to start the process. Don't wait another day, and potentially miss out on all the things being discussed. And if you don't interact on Facebook, then do what others have done -- create an account just to join our group. There is no other way to engage in the below-the-waterline iceberg of this blog than on Facebook.Want to get close to God? Then quit the excuses. Study these concepts and actively engage in ways to share them with others. Don't have the time? God can easily help you. Not a great writer? God will help you with that, too. Don't know what to say? Then strap in your seatbelt; God's got other plans.2,000 years ago, Yeshua started the ball rolling by showing us how to do it. Now, it's time to take off the training wheels and do what He would do, if He were alive today. Wherever you go, whatever you do, be a reflection or extension of Him. The ONLY way to be a true disciple of Yeshua is to let Him live His life through yours -- to move in your moving, to love in your loving, to minister in your ministering, to speak in your speaking, to touch in your touching, to rejoice in your rejoicing. After all, it's His life anyway. Live it for His glory so that you can't tell where your life ends and His begins, so that when you look in the mirror, you don't see your life; but only that of THE Rabbi. And to live His life means to love a life focused on others, not yourself."A man filled with the love of God is not content with blessing his family alone, but ranges through the whole world, anxious to bless the whole human race." (History of the Church, 4:227; from a letter from Joseph Smith to the Twelve, Dec. 15, 1840, Nauvoo, Illinois, published in Times and Seasons, Jan. 1, 1841, p. 258; this letter is incorrectly dated Oct. 19, 1840, in History of the Church)"Sometimes it's the very people who no one imagines anything of, who do the things that no one can imagine." (Alan Turing, "The Imitation Game")As you take these ideas seriously, as you take them to heart and act on them, you, too, will experience greater light within you and around you, until you, too, experience...The Perfect Day.

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