TRIGGER WARNING - Childhood neglect sexual abuse and trauma.

Introducing a very different podcast episode with an amazing lady called Jolene. Jolene had survived horrendous childhood neglect and trauma including childhood sexual abuse. Jolene explains how as a child she felt like an outsider and how she learned to survive being passed through the care system only to be abandoned by her mother again at age 15.

You will hear Jolene talk about her struggles with mental health that took her to talking therapy and how in the past she was even sectioned under the mental health act.

As a result of Jolene's childhood experiences she was diagnosed with PTSD. 

Jolene received help and is now working in mental health however  the PTSD night terrors would not subside.

Jolene would have to take Amitriptyline to go to sleep to relax her body only when she was asleep the night terrors would start. As a child Jolene would be on the out for her abuser and would keep her bedroom door ajar. Staring at the door frame in her bedroom as a child stayed with her into adulthood and she never felt safe enough to close her bedroom door.

After one session of hypnotherapy I was able to desensitise Jolene from the painful memories, the PTSD night terrors stopped and Jolene now sleeps with her bedroom door shut.

I am hoping that Jolene's bravery for allowing me to record two hypnotherapy sessions will provide others with hope who have struggled with PTSD and have been left feeling that this is something they have to live with for the rest of their lives and manage.

Hypnotherapy is powerful and is so much more than relaxation. I make no apologies for the fact that if you go to my YouTube Channel and watch the videos that you will see Jolene crying & shaking while she is releasing repressed emotions that she had held onto from childhood.

I wanted to bring to you a powerful mental health shift and didnt want you to think that hypnotherapy is another woo woo fad! Truly it is not!

The intention of publishing this episode was to show my listeners that there is always hope. If talking therapy and CBT has left you feeling frustrated, your subconscious mind can help you to release and process repressed emotions without the need to talk through the details of your past.

My uttermost gratitude goes out to Jolene who now lives a life surrounded by her children & grandchildren now working in mental health to help those who have struggled with their demons.

Jolene’s light is beyond bright.


Links below to Jolene's hypnotherapy sessions.


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