In this episode we delve into the journey of Johanna, a passionate Keto enthusiast who battles with the temptation of sugary treats, particularly her weakness for strawberry iced doughnuts. We explore the conversation leading up to and following her hypnosis session, witnessing the transformation in her cravings for doughnuts.

Johanna's love for cooking, baking, and all things Keto is undeniable. However, despite her dedication to the low-carb lifestyle, the intense aroma of her favourite doughnuts often tests her resolve. The smell of freshly baked doughnuts, particularly the strawberry iced ones, proves to be Johanna's Achilles' heel, tempting her despite her commitment to Keto.

Following the session, Johanna experiences a remarkable shift in her perspective and desires. She shares her newfound sense of control now that she no longer feeling compelled to indulge in the sugary temptations of doughnuts. The smell of doughnuts no longer triggers the same intense cravings, showcasing the transformative power of hypnosis in reshaping her relationship with food.

Johanna's journey serves as a testament to the potential of hypnosis in overcoming cravings and resisting temptation. Her story inspires listeners to explore alternative methods for achieving their health and wellness goals, reminding us that change is possible with dedication and the right mindset.

Tune in to this episode to witness Johanna's transformative journey and discover the profound impact of hypnosis on conquering cravings and embracing a healthier lifestyle.


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