In this solo episode, Alexa dives into the common struggles of imposter syndrome, low confidence, and feeling overwhelmed that many singing teachers face. As an experienced voice instructor and singer herself, Alexa shares personal stories and insights on managing these challenges in your teaching career and life. Learn how to overcome negative self-talk, build your confidence both in and out of the studio, and avoid burnout through self-care and planning. 


Imposter syndrome, low confidence, and overwhelm are common among singing teachers. Imposter thoughts prevail due to isolation, comparison, and teaching observations. These feelings stem from self-doubt, fear of judgement, and perfectionism.

Strategies like reframing thoughts and celebrating achievements can counter imposter syndrome. Perspective-taking and building a support network are beneficial. Despite accomplishments, imposter syndrome affects individuals across fields, emphasising the importance of sharing experiences for community support.

You can build a support network by joining online communities and forums, attending conferences, and seeking mentorship. Forming mastermind groups, scheduling catch-ups, and following inspirational accounts on social media offer additional support. Investing in a coach and being open with students about imposter feelings can also aid in managing challenges.


"100% of them reported having felt imposter syndrome, low confidence and overwhelm."

"The most common intrusive thoughts reported include 'Just quit. You don't know enough' and 'You don't have the skills.'"  

"Sometimes, I am completely overwhelmed by the amount of information and responsibility I'm faced with as a singing teacher."



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After graduating with a BA Musical Theatre degree, Alexa Terry donned her sailor’s cap and performed as a lead soloist on cruise ships travelling the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Baltic seas. She trod the boards in London’s West End as the protagonist in a new Musical Theatre project, studied as a librettist with Book, Music and Lyrics (BML), and has written for the likes of as a reviewer. 

Alexa runs her own 1-1 singing tuition practice in the South of England and is a singing tutor at one of the UK’s leading performing arts schools - Italia Conti, where she also regularly panels entry auditions. Alexa is the host of the BAST Training Singing Teachers Talk Podcast, mentors for the BAST Training Level 5 Qualification, and has presented on the topics of Musical Theatre repertoire and authentic Musical Theatre performance.

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