It was an honor to interview Dr. Achina Stein on The Adrenal Fatigue Podcast. We have hundreds of people that come to us every week that have been told by their doctors that there is nothing wrong with them, that their blood work looks “fine”. They’re often left feeling like It's all in their head and then they are prescribed or encouraged to take antidepressants as a solution. A lot of the time when people reach out to us, they know in their gut that this approach doesn't feel like the right solution for them and they’re searching for the missing piece.

Here at The Adrenal Recovery Collective, we believe that there is way more to the story that’s not being investigated, that is leaving so many miserable, scared and feeling like there’s no other option than synthetic drugs and antidepressants. Dr. Achina has so much wisdom on this topic and really and we know this conversation is one that will inspire and offer a lot of hope for many of our listeners! We really hope you enjoy!

We discussed:
- The impact of addressing root the root cause and how to get support in doing so
- Dr. Achina's transition from mainstream psychiatrics to functional medicine
- Emotional trauma and how it can deeply affect our mental and physical wellness
- What to do if you keep hearing "your blood work is fine" from your doctor
- and so much more!

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