Because of the decline of hormones, we need to have stronger pelvic floors, so that we're not suffering from vaginal dryness. In menopause, we lose bone density (so all these things are happening simultaneously). To find relief, some women want that magical pill or the surgery...that we forget that the answers are already within us and we have to do the work. But if after childbirth, you find that you need to take steps to heal your pelvic floor because of pain, leaking, pressure or discomfort “down there…” you don’t have to be stuck in not knowing what to do to care for your sacred anatomy. There's stuff you and I can do. In today’s podcast episode I’m with a licensed physical therapist as well as an expert in integrated pelvic floor therapies, Isa Herrera where we talk about giving your lady parts the first aid and love that they need to be happy. Tune in today and discover how to trust yourself again as you learn more about finding pelvic pain relief!

Discussion Points: 

[0:00] Introduction 

[6:25] Isa shares about how she became a pelvic floor specialist 

[11:26] How doctors have limited knowledge about the female anatomy 

[12:40] France vs. America and postpartum pelvic floor rehabilitation 

[17:08] A strong pelvic floor is important 

[17:57] Women want the magical pill but the answer is within us 

[19:26] Prolapse and how to deal with it 

[25:00] invest in yourself 

[28:14] Loss of libido and what you can do now 

[31:38] Vaginal dryness 

[34:31] Food and how it affects your vagina 

[36:12] Sexual trauma and how Isa helps her clients 

[40:37] Digestive health and the pelvic floor  

About the Guest:

Isa Herrera is a licensed physical therapist as well as an expert in integrated pelvic floor therapies. She developed her expertise in diagnosing and treating pelvic pain, leaking, and prolapse by helping over 14,000 women since 2005.

At her New York City Healing Center, Renew PT, Isa pioneered the use of integrated modalities like Maya massage, cold laser therapy, sound healing and Andean energy techniques with evidence-based physical therapy in ways that had never been done before. 

She's also the author of five books on the topics of pelvic floor dysfunction and pain, including the newly released international bestseller Female Pelvic Alchemy. Isa’s new online school brings all of her expertise to a global audience, incorporating exercises, self care techniques, and integrative tools to maximize female healing and professional training. After suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction herself after her daughter was born, Isa has made it her life's mission to help 1 million women overcome pelvic floor dysfunction. 


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Female Pelvic Alchemy: Trade Secrets For Energizing Your Love Life, Enhancing Your Pleasure & Loving Your Body Completely 

Becoming Safely Embodied: A Guide to Organize Your Mind, Body and Heart to Feel Secure in the World 

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