Quantum Mindfulness Radio

Quantum Mindfulness Radio

Quantum Mindfulness Radio & the Great Awakening

Hosted by:
Joel Ayala Ayapana

Show Description:
Join Joel for many countless, inspiring, and thought-provoking interviews as his once retired podcast platform (from the BBS Radio Network) in Quantum Mindfulness Radio and the Great Awakening is reborn from the ashes. After building REAL REVOLUTION RADIO X.0, a podcast radio network (created as an experiment in Universal Law during his rather brief rendezvous from the Podcast World), Joel has returned back to the World of Online Radio with even more Angelic Force and Quantum Theoretical Momentum.
"As a Registered Nurse, I have utilized many elements of Neurolinguistic Programming, an understanding of Universal Law, Quantum Theory, Integrative Medicine, Mindfulness, along with the knowledge acquired throughout my countless conversational journeys as a Podcaster and as a Non-Traditional E-Journalist, to integrate these experiences as a grounding foundation within my practice as a healthcare provider within the field of Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Treatment.

Furthermore, I have integrated such practice and theory with the coordination and application of DBT Techniques (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) in 1:1 Patient Interventional Therapy and in Group Therapy Sessions on several Psychiatry Units throughout my integrative and holistic career as a Registered Nurse. This, alone, has greatly allowed for me to, not only heal myself in many ways from my own losses in life, but it has also allowed for me to assist my clients along the road to recovery from addiction, an improved understanding to perceptual modification, the utilization of heightened forms of spiritual and emotional coping from anxiety, stress, and depression, resilience-building techniques, self-empowerment, heart-centered consciousness and coherence, and in initiating the change agent process to Unity Consciousness and Global Awareness.

On the other hand, as a newly acclaimed public speaker, I have also presented my findings from the miraculous and inspiring effectiveness of this particular approach collaboratively with my own life experiences throughout several speaking events in Northeastern Ohio.
Now, as my own confidence as a broadcaster and as a healthcare professional collaboratively evolved throughout these years, I have discovered that many of my individual life-works have also evolved in parallel. One of these creations that I always cherished from within heart was the development of each and everyone of these interviews on Quantum Mindfulness Radio. As I grew and evolved in knowledge and in Consciousness, so to speak, the podcast began to further deepen into the many quantum layers of multi-dimensionality.

Overall, the theme of this one hour podcast lies within the intention to broadcast, not only the many facets of the human experience which deals with some of the most controversial and fascinating subject matters to date, but in additionally platforming some of the world's greatest movers-and-shakers-of-our-times involved within the 'Word of Conscious Awakening' - ranging from motivational speakers, experts, song writers, singers, musicians, authors, actors and actresses, archeologists and researchers alike.

Together, in conversation, the limitless menu of topics for discussion can consist of subject matter drawn from Quantum Theory, Integrative Medicine, Alchemy, the meta-physical, the unexplained and miraculous, the philosophical, the synchronistic, the intriguing nature of variabled belief systems, spirituality, the esoteric, the paranormal, the Ancients, ancient civilizations, Sacred Geometry, Numerology, the Mystery Schools, and in the many other facets of the unexplored, the subjective, and uncharted realms of the human experience. This can all be covered from one inspiring show to the very next whilst leaving the dedicated listener intrigued with wonder, self-empowerment, limitlessness, and bliss.

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