Goddess Momma Fertility Podcast
Goddess Momma Fertility Podcast

Goddess Momma Fertility Podcast

Goddess Momma Fertility Podcast is designed to encourage women to trust and heal their own bodies on their journey to mommahood.

Susan started this podcast to get a REAL conversation going around fertility that is relatable, easy to digest, and not so darn serious. To help release the feelings of failure and sadness and create purpose and power around a woman’s fertility journey.

As a yoga teacher for over ten years, Susan's passion to guide students to connect mind, body, and spirit took a turn as she began her own fertility journey.

"I know what it is like to lose control, to be lost and overwhelmed, to be upset with yourself and your body and start looking for answers outside. I can tell you from experience, letting go of your true self during this time is not the answer. As women, we know our bodies more than anyone else does. Yes, we might need the wonderful medicine we have available to us. But, I am talking about always listening and coming back to your core, your heart, AND your womb space."

This podcast is designed to give you the tools you need to make changes more profound than you’ve ever dreamed possible for yourself. By dealing with your Fertility with an open heart and mind, releasing negative thoughts, creating a healthier you and anything else that might be stuck in the way, you will be on a healthier ride to becoming a momma.

Each week, Susan has a deep, REAL, and empowering conversation with fertility experts, spiritual leaders, friends, or a solo chat to guide you towards what your body needs and desires to be healthier and fertile, which in turn will create space for your unborn baby. That feeling of freedom, that feeling of connection, self-love and trust that you WILL have a child, is available to you right now! 

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