A Step-by-Step Blueprint to Better Sexual Conversations w/Your Woman feat. Hannah Deindorfer

A Step-by-Step Blueprint to Better Sexual Conversations w/Your Woman feat. Hannah Deindorfer


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In the one of our Great Man Masterminds, we’ve embarked on a 90-day exploration on how to become better lovers to our romantic partners.

We’re focusing on 3 main themes:

  1. Leadership – How are we leading both in and out of the bedroom.
  2. Intimacy – How do we cultivate closeness and depth with our partners?
  3. Sexuality – What turns us on, our partners on, how do we keep the fire burning and how do we talk about all this stuff?

In service to that last theme of sexuality, I knew I needed to introduce you guys to a very special woman who has a knack for distilling the practical steps necessary to invite your partner to have better conversations around sex.

Who is Hannah Deindorfer?

Hannah is a difficult woman to describe succinctly because she’s like a Swiss Army Knife of talents.

She teaches female fitness entrepreneurs how to build 6-7 figure business practices with a blend of business and personal development coaching.

She also teaches female business owners how to deepen their connection to pleasure, playfulness, purpose, and her power…through the realm of sexuality.

Hannah is also a Queen of resilience. She’s a sexual abuse survivor, overcome anorexia, addiction, and depression to thrive in her personal life and as an entrepreneur.

She’s also a proud submissive. She drops some wisdom bombs about how you can take BDSM communication techniques and use them to electrify more traditional sexual settings

In this Episode

  • A step-by-step blueprint for better sexual conversations
  • How to invite her to have a conversation about sex that feels like a gift for her
  • 3-4 questions you can ask to allow her to feel safe, cared for and build trust in you
  • How to handle feelings of rejection when your desires aren’t met
  • How and why to praise your woman when she says “no” before or during sex
  • Why establishing safe words elevates trust and enables the exploration of new territory
  • The most underrated part of sex – aftercare – and examples of how you can bring your women in for a smooth landing after rocking her world

One quick note: The title of this episode has “woman” in it because Hannah speaks from her own experience as a woman, but I reckon most of what she shared is applicable to any sexual partnership that desires better communication.

Get in Touch With Hannah

Instagram: @HannahDeindorfer

Website: https://hannahdeindorfer.com

10 Week Sacred Slut Course: https://hannahdeindorfer.com/the-sacred-slut

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