When we find ourselves in the “same” situation over and over again, intuition can help us break free from repetitive old patterns.

How many times have you told yourself “never again,” only to end up in the same situation a few days or months later? The people involved or the circumstances might be different, but the underlying situation is the same, and it is frustrating every time it comes up.

It’s normal to think that something must be “wrong” with us, but I think it’s really about our egos and intuition. As humans, we’re scared of change, whether that manifests consciously or unconsciously. We also know, intuitively, what needs to happen for us to create the change we want. But when we step out of our comfort zones, the ego tries to protect us by throwing up obstacles.

I began thinking about this because I recently found myself repeating old patterns of behavior with a project I have been working on. I’d been planning this project for a long time and was very excited to start, but once I finally did start working on it, my brain started telling me that I still had other, more important tasks to complete. I realized that the resistance was an old behavioral pattern that I thought I’d overcome.

I think the best way to overcome this problem is by being very aware of our intuition and listening to our hearts. Also, Alan Seale, who is a wonderful coach, has some good insight into how it is our ego trying to keep us safe rather than a deliberate attempt to self-sabotage.

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