I am thrilled to reconnect with Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge today! 

Dr. Roseann is a much-loved guest with our listeners who appeared previously in episodes 174 and 273. Known for her incredible expertise in pediatric mental health, she mixes traditional and non-traditional methods to care for her young patients. 

In this episode, we focus on the needs of teens and young adults and the unique challenges they currently face. We review the latest research relevant to shaping the mental health of the younger generation, covering topics from building resilience to navigating nutritional choices with university-level students to avoiding and addressing disordered eating behavior patterns. We explore strategies for addressing various issues, including sleepovers, acne in kids with special needs, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and intrinsic motivation. Additionally, Dr. Roseann sheds light on suicide, suicidal ideations, and the lack of stress tolerance in young people today and shares valuable insights into supplementation that has proven effective within her patient population.


How the pandemic impacted the mental health of teenagers

How to help your kid become more comfortable socially

How to go about finding mental health providers qualified to work with children, teens, and young adults

What can universities do to support better nutrition on campuses?

How to address food intolerances in teenagers

Dr. Roseann describes the QEEG brain mapping process

How to help kids overcome their anxiety about sleepovers

Some helpful advice for overcoming acne

How to manage behavioral issues in kids with special needs

How to help your child become more regulated to allow them to achieve at a higher level 

How can families support young adults with suicidal ideations in a way that is helpful and not harmful?

What can universities do to foster an emotionally healthy and supportive environment?

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147 Therapist-Endorsed Self-Regulation Strategies for Children: A Practical Guide for Parents

Article written by Elizabeth Powell, Program Officer of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Brain Scans Reveal How COVID Pandemic Affected Teenagers

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