The GREY ZONE for athletes is similar to purgatory in Catholic/Christian religious circles. In the in-between place right after you die, you’re not alive but you’re also not in the afterlife. You’re really only mildly suffering in a hybrid limbo state. Most coaches preach to not stay in the grey zone and if you’re training for a run or endurance event, you might know to follow the 80/20 rule. Eight out of ten runs should be easy like very easy and two of those ten should be hard… like very hard.

But where can grey zone runs fit that is in between easy and hard? Listen on to find out more.

We believe people learn wholistically and by different means so this podcast is now available as a Youtube video and written blog post here.

Timestamps of what you'll learn

  • 02:47 Grey Zone Definition
  • 04:06 Why should we stay out of the grey zone?
  • 08:18 When is it okay to be in the grey zone?
  • 14:40 The real problem with the grey zone
  • 14:56 Daren’s z4/z5 overtraining issues
  • 20:14 Inigi Samelan on z2 training
  • 21:02 Mixing up z2 heart rate training

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