Service is natural and yet every aspect of it is learnable. Understand the mindset that assures success, growth and fulfillment in service.

This article about The Service Mindset gets into more detail. Here's a list of features of these mindsets...

The growth mindset in service...

  • Service can be mastered, but requires the same persistent effort and presence with the process as any other skill. 
  • Mastery of service occurs in proportion to mastery of myself.
  • Service is an opportunity to become my best possible self.
  • Growth is nourished by openly meeting service challenges.
  • Resilience, effort, grit and adaptability are my greatest resources. 
  • Just as the growth mindset doesn’t require ego-gratifying performances for it to be meaningful for me, my role doesn’t require ego-gratifying service opportunities.
  • It’s not about proving myself, impressing others, being accepted or deemed valuable, but my willingness to meet every service opportunity head-on.
  • Growth is made most possible by a sense of service to something greater than my own ego. 
  • I’m on a lifelong journey of development. I’m always in-process and always have something to learn (from sometimes the most unexpected places)

How the service mindset can take the growth mindset even further...

  • Anyone can love service – all they need is the right service context that reveals its value in a way that resonates with this particular person. Will any other skill (weaving, basketball, computer science, corporate leadership), you need to actually have an affinity for it to apply the growth mindset to it. With service, you just need to find the context that is right for you.
  • Service itself offers meaning and fulfillment rather than just the improvement of myself and my skill set. 
  • Service makes the growth process especially inviting since the growth journey now also involves positively impacting others. 
  • Even with the right mindset, the growth process can sometimes feel solitary and isolated. With service, my journey of self-mastery becomes shared with others – their needs, hopes and struggles are revealed to be interconnected with my own. 
  • I’m always in-process, always becoming, but always worthy of equal care and love as my craft – and those I serve. 
  • The energy I’d put into my own success/happiness will just as readily be offered to others – in fact, it’s usually more gratifying to do so.
  • Every moment is an opportunity to live the growth-through-service process, not just the areas where you’re deliberately training, learning or even on the job.
  • The value of having an open, embracing self-image that’s always available to learning is not just valuable for your own development, but the capacity to truly show up for others.
  • Even if I found another role that isn’t directly service-oriented, service is still at play. Service is always at play and always where growth and fulfillment is possible.

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