Blue Cow Practice Podcast
Blue Cow Practice Podcast

Blue Cow Practice Podcast

We are Jo and Steve. We opened a chiropractic practice in 2001 and were full of excitement, enthusiasm and frantic energy and although we were great practitioners we didn’t understand the business of owning a practice.

Our business became a rollercoaster ride of wonderful highs and desperate lows.

We were surrounded by a group of uninspired staff that turned up late, went sick a lot, and didn’t believe in what we were doing. The patients we attracted weren’t much better: they would miss their appointments and drop off their courses of care.

We became weighed down by all the different hats we had to wear: seeing the patients, getting enough new patients, balancing the finances, paying the staff, covering if someone went sick, meeting the times it was overwhelming and scary.

We coped with the stress in different ways. The final straw came when they realised they had lost who they were and were trapped in our practice. Literally ‘chained to the bench’! If we were there, things we ok, but if we took any time off, the practice nose dived. It was as if we had to build everything up again when we returned and deal with tons of issues. We decided things had to change or we had to do something else.

That’s when we studied successful businesses and practices all around the world and created our secret sauce.

Something so profound that it would end up transforming our practice and our life. We call it our 5 V Technology.

As a result we created a SEVEN FIGURE practice that would run with or without us. We built our dream team, attracted patients who became raving fans, won national chiropractic and customer service awards. We started having fun and we were able to create a life we loved.

Before long other chiropractors and practitioners started to ask us how we did it. That’s when Blue Cow practice was born.

We are passionate about showing motivated practice owners and their teams how to build their own Dream practice. Some will achieve their own seven-figure practice using the secret sauce we discovered, others will achieve their desired financial level of success, whilst ultimately getting more time, less stress and more joy.

We now have a global community of successful ‘Blue Cow’ practice owners and their teams who are achieving their dreams. If you can relate to our story and you want transformation then welcome along. We would love to work with you!

Now, in this podcast, we're sharing our secrets so that you can create your own incredible practice. Subscribe to make sure that you're getting everything you need to succeed.

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